English Sambuca

English Sambuca


42% ABV, 50cl


The UK's only sambuca distillers bring you something truly remarkable: a small batch sambuca that's smooth enough for sipping.


Forget your past dalliances with sambuca: this is nothing like what you remember from way back when. Made with a bit of ginning, our elderflower eau de vie is co-distilled with star anise: the result is silky smooth, with lush mouthwatering layers of aniseed.


Served chilled and neat as an aperitif or digestif. The perfect after dinner drink: no setting on fire please.

  • From the UK’s only sambuca distillers comes the rarest and most surprising of tipples: an utterly gorgeous sambuca that tastes really nice. You can sip it without setting fire to it, or worse. Forget your past encounters with sambuca and reset your view of aniseed with a glorious glass of scratch distilled English Sambuca.

    One of the key things that makes this sambuca special is the base spirit: we've opted for the rarely encountered traditional route of using an elderberry eau de vie rather than neutral grain spirit as a base. The difference is obvious in the smoothness, mouthfeel, and intensity of flavour in the spirit. Yes, it's true: craft sambuca is as tasty as it sounds.