Our dedication to the distillation process is what sets us apart from other distilleries. English Spirit has always dared to do things a little differently, not settling for industry standards or for an outcome that is simply ’good enough’. 


Our pursuit for perfection and tenacity to create the very highest quality spirits is at the heart of our business, driving us forward on our epicurean adventure. It’s the process that sets us apart;

Our Experience 

Our team is led by Dr. John Walters, Master Distiller. With over 30,000 hours of experience beneath his belt, turning stills on average 10 times a day, 5 days a week. He is one of the UK’s most experienced distillers, not only in the hours he’s put in but in the variety of spirits he’s distilled from scratch-distilled vodkas to the very first truly British rum.  He’s progressed the science of distilling with new world-first techniques, making him one of the UK’s true Master Distillers.

Distilling From Scratch 

We distil our spirits from scratch, which means making our own spirit. We are one of only a few distilleries in England to do this, it’s a costly and time consuming process, but necessary in pursuit in making the finest spirits. It allows us complete control over the flavour profile of our spirits, and ensures they’re smooth enough to be sipped neat.  This distinction is even more remarkable considering the wide range of spirits we produce.

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Our Ingredients 

Our craft is taking the finest English ingredients out of the soil and distilling them to portray their  flavours in delicious new ways. We source ingredients that tell a story, whether it’s  East Anglian sugar beet, which goes into our vodka and gin, or seasonal fresh fruit, such as plums and rhubarb that go into our liqueurs, making sure we showcase the very best natural flavours from our fair land.

New Techniques

 Over the last decade we have devised a range of new distilling and production techniques; from the flavour extraction to accelerating the barrel aging process of dark spirits. Every single one of our spirits has been produced with unique new methods, invented by Dr John. Drawing on distilling knowledge from past and present, we have added our own insights in our quest to be the best.

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