"Insight into the past, with the full breadth of understanding of now, for the continuous enjoyment of the future"

- Dr John Walters

At English Spirit, our aim is to distil the world's finest spirits & liqueurs. No shortcuts, no compromises. This means distilling every one of our spirits ourselves, from scratch, in genuinely small batches. We employ every technique available to us to achieve the highest quality and best taste; regardless of time, effort or expense.


Founded in 2011 by Dr John Walters, we consider ourselves to be England’s original small batch distillers. In that time, we have accumulated an unrivalled wealth of distilling experience, distilling well over 100 different products for ourselves and our clients. In fact, we were the first to distil rum in the UK.


We celebrate England through the seasonality of our ingredients and the heritage of our sites in Essex and Cornwall. We want people to join us on our journey of discovery through the world of premium spirits, and ultimately we hope to bring about a revolution in how people view, eat and drink this exciting new form of cuisine.

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