"Insight into the past, with the full breadth of understanding of now, for the continuous enjoyment of the future"

- Dr John Walters

Like all good food and drink, we believe that well-made spirits can be some of life’s greatest pleasures. That’s why our aim at English Spirit is to produce the best spirits money can buy, and to bring joy to all that taste them. Our craft is to use alcohol as a medium for capturing and expressing brilliant flavours from fine ingredients: epicurean adventures with a story in every sip. Our belief is that a good spirit shouldn’t burn if you drink it neat, which means pulling out all the stops and setting a brand new quality standard.

Founded by Master Distiller Dr John Walters, who combines his knowledge of biochemistry with a passion for cooking to distil and present the best flavours England has to offer. Since 2011, he has accumulated an unrivalled wealth of distilling experience, working tirelessly to innovate the field of distilling and produce award winning spirits that are truly world class. We share his passion and belief that great taste should be at the heart of a great spirit, and that ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. We want people to join us on our journey of discovery, and chart a course through the world of premium spirits, to see how far we can go with what started in 2011 as just another experiment.