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New Shop Arrival: Christmas Spirit

It's that time of year again: cosy evenings by the fire, carol singers at the door, and of course the release of our much loved Christmas Spirit liqueur.

This year, we've made our Christmas Spirit with an all new recipe. Before anyone who loved the previous recipe made with our Apple Brandy gets worried, we're sure you'll agree that our new recipe is even more festive and delicious than ever. For this year's edition, we've used one of our rums as a base: made entirely with molasses, triple distilled in small copper pot stills, and briefly aged with oak and hickory wood. Even better, we've used Christmas Pudding as flavour inspiration for the fresh spices: coil of orange, juicy raisins, star anise, split vanilla pod and a cinnamon stick. The result is a spiced rum liqueur that is simply deconstructed Christmas Pudding in a bottle: you won't find anything like this anywhere else!

At 25% ABV, this is delicious sipped neat, either chilled from the fridge or warmed up. You can add it to apple juice or even cola for instant mulling, or serve warm with a layer of cream on top for a festive flat white. We certainly can't wait to try liberally drizzling this over a Christmas Pudding on Christmas Day.

Christmas Spirit is now available to buy online from our shop, as well as the Tasting Room at our Great Yeldham Hall distillery, and this weekend will be making its way to our stands at festive fairs and markets across the country (tasters available) as well as a number of select stockists.


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