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Limited Edition Summer Releases

We take pride in our craft, of using the finest English ingredients out of the soil and distilling them to portray their flavour in delicious new ways.

Which is why we’re proud to re-launch our range of limited edition bottles; each being produced in small batches, when the star ingredient is in season, making sure we showcase the very best natural flavours from our fair land. Our fruit liqueurs and Cucumber Spirit are exclusively made in early summer, meaning our online store is stocked with the most tantalising tipples, to enjoy over the warmer months.

Lavender Gin Liqueur

The latest addition to our limited edition collection is our Lavender Gin Liqueur; a taste of the English countryside, distilled into a gloriously sunny liqueur. We don’t go far to harvest the lavender for our liqueur, in fact, we pick it ourselves from Dr John’s garden at Great Yeldham Hall, in the heart of the Essex countryside.

We use our unique three-step distilling technique to capture the delicate aromas of the lavender flower, by infusing, sous vide (slow cooking) and distilling the fresh ingredients with our Dr J’s Gin, to produce this silky smooth drop. The outcome is a liqueur bursting with floral notes, with hints of violet and a citrus lift on the palate. Think summer garden parties and sip chilled, over ice or if you’re feeling lavish add a serve to a glass of bubbles.

cucumber spirit

The second limited edition summer bottle is our Cucumber Spirit, exclusively available over the summer months. Popular for its cool, refreshing flavour: not a gin or a vodka, it’s truly a spirit in its own class, picking up a Gold at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017, where it was described by the judges as “a really shining example of the art of distilling botanicals - this spirit is a genuine reflection of the character of fresh cucumber.”

Eighty-eight cool cucumbers go into each batch, each sliced and deseeded by hand, before being distilled with our sugar beet vodka. The liquid off the still is the concentrated essence of fresh cucumber, capturing the alcohol-soluble flavours and leaving the soggy bits in the copper pot. Serve chilled, with your tonic of choice, crushed ice and a garnish of cucumber!

We do have others spirits and liqueurs available, however, these are strictly limited edition and will be only available until the middle of September.


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