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Say hello to our lovely new labels!

Some of our canny customers will have noticed that over the last 9 months, each of our spirits & liqueurs have gradually been receiving a makeover, with brand new labels on the bottles. We're proud to announce that all fourteen products in our range have now been updated with new labels: and we couldn't be more proud.

Since our founding in 2011, we've taken a slightly different view of labelling to most other brands. Dr John decided to invest his time and energy in distilling after the 'eureka moment' that other premium spirit brands are generally priced on their name and appearance, with the quality of the product an afterthought. And so, staying true to our general mantra of 'beauty in simplicity' we have always presented our products in very simple label designs, so that we may better focus attention on what's in the bottle, rather than what's on the bottle.

However, we considered the fact that our range, which has evolved a lot over the last eight years, has never had a full visual refresh; and so we decided to give each product a new look. The aim was to retain simplicity while communicating elegance and providing key details about the product: and to generally do justice to the contents of the bottles, without distracting from them.

Old vs New: our English Sambuca labels

Key changes that have been made to the range include showcasing product details on the

front of each bottle; explaining how the drink has been made and providing key ingredients,

tasting notes and serving suggestions, allowing our customers to see this information at a

glance and to understand what they’re buying and how they can drink it. This plays nicely to our strengths: communicating the fact that every single element of each individual product has been made completely from scratch, and showcasing some of the country’s finest and freshest ingredients. Each bottle features Dr John's signature and the bottle’s batch number, whilst further

information about English Spirit can be found to the back of each bottle.

11 of the 14 new labels were designed by Kirill Dobroselskij. The Dr J's Gin label was designed by Matt Brown, and the Old Salt Rum and St Piran's Rum label were designed by our very own Spirit Ambassador Rosie Barlow, who will continue to put her design talent to good use to produce artwork for our future releases.


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