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An Eggsclusive Liqueur for Easter

Indulge in our limited edition Choc Clementine liqueur this Easter, or why not make some tantalising truffles with our Chocolate Chilli Vodka Liqueur?

Spring has sprung and the long Easter weekend is just around the corner; no matter what your plans are this year, make sure you treat yourself to something truly divine, like our new Choc Clementine Vodka Liqueur.

This drop captures the tantalising flavours of a Terry’s chocolate orange, distilled with rich chocolate and zesty clementines, for a luxuriously smooth drink. Combined with the sumptuous, smooth notes of our small-batch vodka, distilled from English sugar beet, it makes for a luxurious velvety drink.

This liqueur is delicious chilled and simply served on its own or with a mixer of choice, we suggest cream soda, to compliment this seriously smooth tipple. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try cooking it into a sauce or gravy, to accompany your Sunday roast?

Hop to it, as the Choc Clementine liqueur is extremely limited, with only 100 bottles being filled, it won’t be around for long. Click here to shop.

Dark Chocolate, Vokda & Chilli Truffles

We're also excited to share a recipe for decadednt dark chocoalte, vodka & chilli truffles, by The Corinish Chef. These would make a delightful after-dinner treat or an alternative Easter gift!


225g dark chocolate

150ml double cream

25ml Chocolate Chilli Vodka Liqueur

25g butter

1 small chilli (finely chopped, we used a purple jalapeno)

50g cocoa powder

Gold lead for decoration (optional)


1. Simply heat the cream and butter in a pan until warm without allowing it to reach simmer. While the cream is heating up, finely chop the chocolate and chilli and place in a bowl.

2. When the cream and butter mix is ready, pour over the chocolate and allow to stand for 2 minutes before stirring.

3. When the chocolate and cream are mixed in, fold in the vodka and stir well.

4. Place in the fridge for at least an hour to firm up.

5. When firm, scoop and roll out each batch into your desired size truffles and place on a plate before returning to the fridge while you prepare the coating. Lay a good amount of cocoa powder on a plate and roll generously before setting aside.

Images by work by ali


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