Treguddick Manor


"A cathedral to fine food and drink; a true house of gastronomy."

We’re excited to welcome you to our new state-of-the-art distillery,  in the grounds of the historic Treguddick Manor, Launceston,  opening late summer 2021. A pioneering destination for epicurean excellence; showcasing our superb range of spirits and distilling the very best of what the South West has to offer.

Our new distillery invites you to see how we make a wide range of copper pot distilled spirits; including England’s original scratch-distilled rum,  smooth vodkas, glorious gins, experimental single malt, and tantalising liqueurs.


You can now book a distillery tour and tasting below, where you can learn about the distillery process; from sourcing the water at our own natural spring to how we scratch-distil all the spirits in our extensive product range. 

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The general tour at Treguddick will give you an opportunity to see first-hand how our distillery team produces a wide range of copper pot distilled spirits from scratch. You will be shown the different stages of the production process; from the raw ingredient that goes into the spirits, the workings of our custom designed still, all the way through to bottling up. 


 The experience will also include a meander through our geodesic domes on the west paddock of Treguddick, which houses over 30 varieties of plants and botanicals we use in our spirits, offering a sensory experience like no other.  This is followed by a guided tasting, where you will have the opportunity to sample a wide range of spirits; including Britain’s original rum, glorious gin, mouth-watering vodka, flavourful single malt, and divine liqueurs. 

General Tours are available to book daily.


The rum tour is exclusively available at our Treguddick distillery and will give you a deep understanding into the complexities of scratch-distilling the very finest British rums. As the first UK distillery to produce and distribute rum, our pioneering distillery team has mastered the craft: from fermenting sugar cane molasses, to distilling the range of rums with an exciting array of spices. 


 The rum tour will also include a tour through the geodesic domes, where a wide variety of plants and botanicals are housed, before a guided tasting. You will get to sample our wide range of rums, including our Old Salt Rum, the first rum to be distilled and marketed in the UK, and St Piran’s Cornish Rum. 


Rum Tours are available to book on Wednesday & Sunday at 1pm.


The gin tour will delve deeper into the technicalities of scratch-distilling the most popular spirit here in the UK. You will learn how the team makes every drop from scratch, a rare feat in the overflowing gin market: taking the time to single-distil sugar beet vodka as the base spirit, before being distilled with a select few botanicals to produce a refined tipple. 


You will also be able to experience the geodesic domes, which house the four key botanicals used to infuse our iconic Dr J’s Gin, before participating in a guided tasting, where you can sample our award-winning Limongino, fruit liqueurs, and Dr J’s Gin. 

Gin Tours are available to book on Thursday & Saturday at 1pm.


Tours & Tastings can be booked from the 29 of September, when the new distillery at Treguddick will open.

If you have any questions about booking, please feel free to  emailing us via

Please note, all Tour & Tasting guests will need to be 18 or over, and all designated drivers are welcome to take miniature bottles of the tasting spirits, to enjoy at home, instead of sampling at the guided tasting to ensure they are within the drink drive limit.


Our bar will be stocked with over 40 bottles of spirits and liqueurs: each one of them distilled by us, which makes this bar one of a kind. From our flagship Dr J’s Gin to our St Piran’s Cornish Rum, we can serve you something neat to sip, mixed with your tonic of choice, or create you a glorious cocktail. We’ll also offer a curated selection of wine, beers, teas, coffees and other delicious options for designated drivers.


Visitors can also reserve a table at our exciting new restaurant, where we invite guests to taste the very best food & drink the South West has to offer; with the option to dine inside or on the patio, in the glorious Cornish sunshine. 


We endeavour to bring our sense of adventure to the table, aiming to surprise and delight guests with our marvellous menu; where the spirits aren’t just behind the bar, but also cooked into some of our dishes.  With a range of indulgent brunches, lunches and afternoon tea on offer, our restaurant will champion locally sourced, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality.


Stocking the English Spirit collection, as well as regular small batch and limited editions: this will be a unique experience for spirit shopping and sampling. Perfect for gifts or for topping up.

Opening hours

By appointment only


Treguddick Manor, Launceston,

Cornwall, PL15 7JN


From the A30, follow the signs for Treguddick; watch for the sharp turnings! If approaching from Launceston then don't follow sat nav directions down the first unmarked turning; wait for the turning clearly signposted 'Treguddick'. Then take the first left and follow the track: the Longhouse car park will be on the right after you pass the Manor and courtyard.