Named after the patron saint of Cornwall, who brought fortune to his countrymen with the discovery of tin. Our scratch-distilled rum is blended with our own Cornish water from the well at Treguddick Manor, truly an English rum with Cornish soul. Rammed full of smooth raisin and cracked caramel flavours: reset your view of white rum with a glass of St Piran’s white gold.


Beautiful sipped neat, or over ice with a a pinch of Cornish sea salt. Makes an exceptionally tasty Mojito too.



A modern take on Cornish white gold.


From the UK’s original rum distillers: a really tasty white rum. Once again, with gusto: a white rum that actually tastes nice. Don’t think of the rums you find in the supermarket; think something that’s smooth enough to be sipped and enjoyed neat. None of the fire, but all of the flavour.


Also special is the water we use to cut down our spirit. We use water from our borehole at Treguddick Manor to add some Cornish soul to this English white rum, in honour of the site of our newest distillery and visitor centre, opening in Cornwall in Spring 2020.


Legend has it that St Piran arrived on the shores of Cornwall in the 5th century; and set up his chapel near the spot where he landed, in the sand dunes near Perranporth (which bears his name). One of his greatest contributions to Cornwall's good fortune was with the rediscovery of tin mining: the story goes that the black hearthstone above his fireplace, when heated, caused a seam of white tin to rise to the surface in the form of a cross. This discovery went on to bring fortune and riches to the kingdom of Cornwall, and even formed the basis for the Cornish flag of St Piran: a white cross on a black background.


It was also well known that St Piran liked a drink, which gave rise to the Cornish phrase that has survived through many generations until today: "as drunk as a Perraner". Which brings us nicely back to the rum: a modern take on St Piran’s white gold.


Originally launched on St Piran’s Day in March 2018: and given a makeover with a brand new label, designed by our very own Cornish Spirit Ambassador Rosie Barlow.

“White rum is simply immature rum. We distil one, but wanted to do a premium version, as most often this group of rum is used for mixing in cocktails, rather than for sipping. Gorgeous, super smooth, rounded light raisin  caramel notes, with a lick of coconut cream about it. I serve it chilled and it doesn’t take long to start thinking about the waves crashing in a rocky cove.”

- Dr John Walters,

'The Drinker's Guide to Distilling, Part 1'


Pure sugar cane molasses - sourced from around the world. Not a drop of sugar cane syrup in sight.


To legally call something a rum, it has to be made from a sugar cane byproduct: which either means molasses (the traditional way) or sugar cane syrup (which began use for commercial production in the 20th century). It’s much quicker and easier to use sugar cane syrup to make rum; which is why most distilleries do: using pure molasses is uncompromising, but utterly worth it for the end result.


We ferment the molasses ourselves, which we then distil three times in our copper pot stills. We have quadrupled distilled our white rums in the past.


Approximately 200 litres of molasses ends up as 20 litres of rum: that’s how much we throw away to perfect the spirit and strip out the bad stuff. Very low yield and much more fiddly than how rum is commonly made: but entirely worth it. 


We then cut the spirit down with water drawn from our borehole at Treguddick Manor: a site with over 1,000 years of Cornish history. In Spring 2020 we’ll be distilling it in Cornwall too once our lovely new distillery is open!


Rich flavours of juicy raisins and cracked caramel, with a lick of coconut cream about it. All the result of triple distilling molasses in copper stills. We’re almost sorry for banging the same drum, but it really is a gorgeously smooth white rum. 


You can try sipping a white rum neat, for a change; your bravery will pay off. You can add a wedge of lime or a pinch of Cornish sea salt as a garnish if you like.

St Piran’s Cornish Rum also makes a base for a gobsmackingly tasty mojito; the smoothness of the spirit, plus the big flavours make for a lovely combo with lime, mint and sugar. Here's a link to a nice and simple recipe from BBC Good Food. And if you partner it with cola and lime, then you’ll have yourself a Kernow Libre.



Also known as the best damn Rum & Coke you’ll find this side of the Scillies. Based on the famous Cuba Libre cocktail, but as with so many things, the Cornish version is better:

50ml St Piran's Cornish Rum

50ml cola

Half a lime


Put the rum and cola in the glass (hiball is best) along with the ice. Squeeze in the lime and garnish with a lime slice too. Yeghes da!

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