Strawberry Vodka Liqueur

Strawberry Vodka Liqueur


35cl, 22% ABV


Here we have the rarest of sips: a Strawberry liqueur made entirely with fresh ingredients. It's extremely difficult to extract fresh flavour from a strawberry: that's why strawberry products are usually artificial. Not only has Dr John managed the task, he's also started with fresh Kentish strawberries (the very same served at Wimbledon) and locked their gorgeously fruity flavour into our small batch, single distilled sugar beet vodka. Another fine example of the very best of England, in a bottle.


Serve neat & chilled, or over ice: for oodles of fresh, creamy strawberry flavour. Add a shot to your bubbly, or turbocharge a berry flavour cocktail with a lick of quintessential English summer.


Please note: unfortunately, due to a printing error, the product notes on the front of the bottle actually refer to our Chocolate Chilli Vodka Liqueur: we apologise for any confusion! You'll see that the contents of the bottle are quite definitely fresh strawberries and vodka liqueur: and so still a highly recommended addition to your drinks cabinet.