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Spitfire Gin - Independent Distillers (Barbados)

Spitfire Gin - Independent Distillers (Barbados)


42% ABV 50cl


A classic London Dry Gin embellished with the finesse of island botanicals. Where all world's collide, a classic gin entwines with the aromatic and perfumed delights of this island's rich botanical delights. 

After years in the prep' we have opened the first new distillery in Barbados for 28 years! What an adventure; we kicked off with some superb vodka and gin from cane sugar. 

Nestled in seventy acres of sugar cane, the Kendall Hill Signal Station is home to Barbadian Spirits and all of its iconoclastic creations. Made with Barbadian sugar cane, our silky smooth Gin is always a delight.

Its simple, take the finest ingredients, prepare them with exceptional care, balance the perfect and ensure they spend the goldilock's of time in the stills to maximise ideal flavour extractions: only what you want nothing more. Next cut your spirit to the nearest nanogram. We hit the highest end of the London Dry Gin standard. Finally, blend with angel-tear quality water. Welcome to our spirits. pull up a chair, join us and sip!

At Independent Distillers Barbados, we handcraft the best spirits and liqueurs in 200L copper pot alembic and column stills, personifying the spirit of the Caribbean. Our award-winning delights will utterly enchant you!