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English Spiced Rum

English Spiced Rum

SKU: 1028

42% ABV, 50cl.


Spicing rum traditionally involved sweetening poor quality rum to mask the taste: ours is a refreshing alternative, jam-packed with luxurious flavour. Our scratch distilled Old Salt Rum is infused with red cherries, hibiscus and vanilla,  plus a few other special bits that Dr J calls ‘pixie dust’. The result is a delicious English spiced rum that’s great for sipping, or as a base for cocktails. Our favourite is Alcoholic Assam: a double of English Spiced Rum, a double of tonic, two slices of ginger and a few torn mint leaves.


This drink differs dramatically from your usual Caribbean rums, and in our opinion for the better.  Its subtle warmth & hint of cherries gives it a distinctive flavour, from the first sip to the end of the glass it is a real treat. The use of alternate British fruit that is often forgotten made us like it more.” - Judging Panel, Great British Food Awards 2020

This is the original English Spiced Rum: the first spiced rum made with a UK distilled spirit. We use our tremendous Old Salt Rum as a base - giving us not only a smooth sip but also complete control over the flavour profile. 

The flavours used as the ‘spices’ are also unusual: we’ve opted for a fruity and floral route rather than the common spicing route of cloves, allspice, pepper and the like. This is a premium spiced rum with a delicious and aromatic taste.