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Seax Vodka

Seax Vodka

SKU: 1021

42% ABV, 50cl


An Essex vodka that England can be proud of.


Like the county, the vodka is named after the seax, a Saxon sword. We start with some of the best locally grown sugar beet, which we ferment and then distil only once in a small copper alembic: with special reflux columns designed and assembled by our Master Distiller Dr John Walters. Single distilled and unfiltered means we don't strip out any of the flavoursome goodness of the signature ingredient. 


This means a luxurious, smooth and creamy sip: with big notes of vanilla and cream soda. As Dr John says: "The finesse of a good vodka provides a different experience to the flavours of a dark spirit like rum or malt. Delicate on the palate but full of flavour: simply gorgeous."


Best enjoyed neat; with your favourite mixer; or as a base for a sublime espresso martini.


“Very smooth, no strong aftertaste which means it washes down well on its own with ice, or with any mixer. How vodka should taste. Great looking bottle with an eye catching label. A fantastic story of local provenance, imagination and innovation. Love that this is created from East Anglian sugar beet in Essex - a true artisan product we should be proud of.” Judging Panel, Great British Food Awards 2020

We think this is as good as vodka gets. Made from East Anglian sugar beet, rather than grain or even potatoes: which gives a creamy mouthfeel and flavour notes of cream soda. Distilled from scratch, in small batches, by award winning vodka distillers: who have had more practice than most.


Single distilled, in columns we designed and built ourselves, and unfiltered: an extremely rare way of producing vodka but totally worth it for the end result. In short - a premium vodka like no other.