Oak Aged Vodka

Oak Aged Vodka


40% ABV, 20cl


Our award winning, single distilled, small batch sugar beet vodka: barrel aged for fifteen months. A very limited and very special edition indeed.


We don't often put our spirits in a barrel for very long: we take the unusual route of perfecting the spirit before it's aged, so they only need a few months. Occasionally, we leave things to barrel age for over a year: which leads us to this exquisite sip.


As the vodka has been distilled only once, and not filtered: it means that some of the flavour is retained and not blasted away. Our vodka is distilled from sugar beet, which means a hint of cream soda flavour. Fifteen months resting in English oak adds wonderful notes from the wood too, as well as providing a well rounded smoothness to the spirit: a match made in heaven.

Big, buttery cream soda notes on the nose. Rich vanilla notes on the palate, followed by an unfolding oak complexity: all carried by a luscious mouthfeel, with well rounded smoothness. The intertwining of oak and cream soda linger on the palate, leaving warmth without burning: the signature of a good quality spirit.


Sip neat to get the flavours at their fullest, or try mixing 1:1 with cream soda or a medium sweet apple juice.