Gin Miniature Gift Set

Gin Miniature Gift Set


Gin lovers take note: here are five of our marvellous gins, served in a gift box. Perfect as a present, or as a tasting selection from across our range. 


As if getting five different gins in one wonderful package wasn't good enough already, these are no ordinary gins: each one has been made with our signature small batch sugar beet vodka as a base. Gin doesn't come smoother than this; smooth enough for sipping neat; and with only fresh fruit used in all of our liqueurs, the flavours are truly superb.


Our Miniature Gin Gift Set includes:


  • Dr J's London Dry Gin (5cl, 45% ABV)
  • Limongino (5cl, 22% ABV)
  • Raspberry Gin Liqueur (5cl, 22% ABV)
  • Rhubarb Gin Liqueur (5cl, 22% ABV)
  • Plum Gin Liqueur (5cl, 22% ABV)


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