Expedition No. 7 - Single Malt Spirit

Expedition No. 7 - Single Malt Spirit


42% ABV, 50cl.


You wouldn’t expect someone to make scotch whisky in England; so we haven’t. Twenty years ahead of its time, our single malt spirit has all the flavour complexity of an aged single malt whisky, but totally smooth on the palate: truly a spirit in its own class. We distil local barley wort five times, to gradually concentrate the flavours: expect big honey and citrus notes on the nose, giving way to a mid-palate of roasted malt, caramel and a hint of sweet tobacco, with honey caramel on the finish. Matured in English oak barrels. This is one for sipping neat.

  • Malt as you’ve never tasted it before. Each batch of our Single Malt Spirit is an expedition into uncharted flavour territory: similar to a whisky, and at the same time quite different. We set out to show off the gorgeous flavours that come from distilling malt in an entirely new way: our goal is to demonstrate that you don’t need to rely on putting distilled malt in a barrel for three or more years to make it taste divine.

    Simply put, we believe this is twenty years ahead of its times, and essential tasting for any whisky connoisseur.