English Toffee Vodka Liqueur

English Toffee Vodka Liqueur


25% ABV, 50cl.


A long time ago, before toffee was made with dairy, it was made with caramelised sugars - we have opted for the old fashioned route, blending an ensemble of five caramels with our vodka made from sugar beet. Our flavoursome English Toffee Vodka oozes smooth layers of toffee, with a rich mouth feel, but not too sweet or cloying. A liqueur great sipped over ice; drizzled over an ice cream sundae; or straight and chilled next to your favourite creme caramel.

  • "I would definitely recommend the Toffee Vodka, with some ice it’s perfect." – Clare S April 2020


    "Bought two bottles of the toffee vodka - one for a friend - we both loved it. Tasted so good, and would recommend it. Thank you." - Sue M,  2020


    "Got the old English toffee vodka for Christmas and it's LOVELY! Will definitely be back for more. It's great over ice and literally tastes like toffee. The bottle is also really nice. A winner. " - Tracey S, January 2020