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English Toffee Vodka Liqueur

English Toffee Vodka Liqueur

SKU: 1031

25% ABV, 50cl.


A long time ago, before toffee was made with dairy, it was made by caramelising sugar: this traditional route is the one we opted for when making our old fashioned toffee liqueur.


Blending an ensemble of five caramels with our sugar beet vodka, our famous English Toffee Vodka oozes smooth layers of treacly goodness with a rich mouth feel, yet not too over-sweet or cloying.

Awarded ‘Two Stars’ by the Great Taste Awards 2017.


"I just wanted to thank you for your toffee vodka. It is sublime. I bought a bottle at a market in Loughborough a few years ago, and raved about the sample I had there so much that my sister bought me a bottle for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have developed kidney problems that mean alcohol isn't a good idea (ironic, since I was never a drinker in the first place), so I kept a bottle in the fridge so it would be nicely cold on the rare occasion that I would just take a small sip, letting it spread over my tongue, filing my mouth with that beautiful flavour. No burn, no cloying, and no too sweet. It is perfect. I have just finished that first bottle, which has prompted me to write to you. Luckily, the space it leaves in the fridge door will be filled with the second bottle, and I'm already looking forward to it being cold enough to sip, every so often, over the next couple of years. Thank you." - Joanne H, December 2020

We opt for using sugar beet as the base ingredient in our vodka, instead of grain. The high starch content helps us turn root into a rich, flavourful vodka with deep creamy undertones, plus there is an abundance of it in East Anglia, our historic region. 

We then blend our vodka with  our five caramels, each with complimentary flavour profiles. The result is a truly artisanal toffee vodka that will send you straight to toffee heaven.