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Dr J's Gin

Dr J's Gin

SKU: 1030

45% ABV, 50cl


A rare sip indeed: a true distilled gin, made from our own sugar beet vodka. Dr. J believes firmly that the simple pleasures are often the most spectacular, which is why a minimal selection of botanicals have been chosen. An ensemble of juniper, coriander, macadamia nut and citrus zests come together to produce an emergent taste experience. Serve one to one with tonic, crushed ice and a couple of salted capers.

In a market positively saturated with gins (there are now over six hundred gins just made in the UK - and counting!) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Rather than using ever more interesting and exotic botanical combinations to make our gin stand out, we’ve opted for the unusual route of making a gin with a very simple selection of botanicals, made exceptional by tweaking all the other elements that are usually forgotten when it comes to distilling a fine spirit.

Only four botanicals are used: an uncommonly small selection nowadays: but the result is a perfectly balanced flavour profile where each ingredient stands out brightly and nothing is lost for what we think is the best gin taste available.

This is one of the extremely rare gins to be made with the distillery’s own base spirit. Our single-distilled sugar beet vodka base provides a glorious smoothness and mouthfeel to the spirit: which makes it nice enough to be drunk neat (without wincing).