Darwin: Citrus Spiced English Rum

Darwin: Citrus Spiced English Rum


42% ABV, 35cl bottles


Named after the founding father of natural selection, we have taken a traditional spiced rum on an evolutionary journey. As the UK’s original rum distillers, we believe in challenging the traditional ways of making spiced rum. That’s why we’ve distilled a superb English rum from scratch, with a remarkable array of ingredients.


 Discover an English rum double-distilled with oak, jam-packed with juicy clementines, zesty  limes, sumptuous cherries, acacia honey, split vanilla pods, fragrant hibiscus, star anise and complex cardamom flavours. Proof not all spiced rums are created equally, through blending the very best nature has to offer. 


Darwin is a spiced rum smooth enough for sipping neat. Serve chilled over ice, or long with a gorgeous ginger ale and a garnish of mint.