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Caramel Rum Liqueur

Caramel Rum Liqueur

SKU: 1020

25% ABV, 50cl.


Creamy caramel flavours don’t come better than this: a divine tange of our original English rum, blended with old fashioned caramelised sugars. 


The rich caramel notes complements the finesse of our small batch rum, from the copper pot stills in our distillery, made from scratch with pure, treacly molasses. Gorgeous notes of sticky toffee pudding, with a hint of Christmas cake and a silky smooth mouthfeel. Sip our Caramel Rum Liqueur neat, in or alongside your favourite dessert; or slip it into your espresso or flat white for a spot on drink.

Double-distilled pot still molasses british rum, burnt sugar caramel and vanilla pods