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Treguddick Update #1: shell off, game on

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

For all of you that are just as excited about the opening of our new Cornish distillery as we are, here’s the first in a series of updates to let you know how work is progressing at Treguddick.

We'll be posting more updates as work develops and more announcements are made. Keep your eyes peeled for sneak previews of things like dishes, recipes and cocktail ideas that will be served in the centre.

Here's what our agricultural barn looked like before work commenced:

And here's an aerial shot of the site as it stands now (January 2020) shot on Dr John's drone:

Our contractors have been working through rain and shine to strip the existing shell off of the barn, ready for full renovation. The roof and cladding have come off, and new timber columns have been installed: we chose to stay with timber rather than use steel, to keep the character of the building. At the beginning of the video you can just about see the beginnings of the lake, in the shape of one of our copper pot stills, and you can see local residents Boston, Socks and Brodie in the paddock behind.

Next up is the work to get the new roof and sides on: then we can start on the fun stuff inside.

It's hard to imagine that this structure will soon contain one of the UK's most exciting new food & drink attractions. With the UK's widest variety of scratch distilled spirits and liqueurs, a kitchen serving up 'spirit cuisine' cooked with our products, and geodesic domes behind the barn growing our botanicals, to name but a few elements...this really will be a cathedral to fine food and drink. We can't wait to open our doors later this year and welcome our guests: whether you're a spirit newcomer, a foodie or a connoisseur, we'll have something interesting for everyone.

The English Spirit Distillery at Treguddick is on track to open its doors in May 2020. Keep an eye out for further updates, both on our News page or our Treguddick page for more information, including of our opening event and promotions.

James Lawrence is General Manager at English Spirit and of the new Distillery at Treguddick.


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