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Treat your mum to something truly delicious

Aren’t Mum’s simply marvellous? We definitely think so, and we think they deserve the very best.

Whether you’re celebrating at home with your mum or sending your well wishes from afar, make sure you treat her to something truly delicious, and just a little bit indulgent!

To help ease the last minute panic, we’ve compiled some gift inspiration, highlighting our glorious range of fruity Gin Liqueurs and highly awarded Dr J’s Gin.

Dr J’s Gin

When it comes to Gin, Dr John, our master distiller firmly believes that the simple pleasures are often the best. He believes that a good chef uses only a few herbs & spices to make a delicious dish, and is the same uncomplicated approach we take to making gin. That’s why we use a blend of only four botanicals; juniper, coriander, macadamia nut and citrus zests, which is made exceptional by using our signature base spirit.

In a market overflowing with gin, it’s still extremely rare to find one made with the distillery’s own base spirit, which is where Dr J’s Gin differs, as we use our own single-distilled sugar beet vodka as the base spirit, to provide a luxuriously smooth drink. This is a gin so good you can enjoy it neat, but it’s also superb with your favourite tonic and a twist of orange, click here to shop.


There’s a reason why our Limongino continues to be one of our most popular products, and will no doubt be a favourite with your mum. We combine two and a half fresh lemons in each bottle of our Dr J’s Gin, to create this refreshing tiple, bursting with zesty flavours. As a nod to the Italian classic, we suggest you serve this straight from the fridge, in a chilled glass; or if you want to be a little frivolous this mother’s day, add a measure to her favourite bubbly!

Fruit Gin Liqueurs

Kentish raspberries, East Anglian rhubarb, and traditional Victoria plums are three glorious examples of English produce, which showcase through our Gin Liqueurs. Each liqueur is produced seasonally, ensuring we grab the essence of the fruit at its very best. We have developed a unique three-step process of distilling, infusing and sous vide (slow cooking) methods ensuring we capture the very best flavours from the fruit, making sure each tipple tastes divine. As with our Limongino, we suggest serving chilled from the fridge or mixing with your mother’s favoured tonic.

Gin Miniature Gift Packs

Can’t decide one tipple? Why not try them all with our Gin Miniature Gift Set. Create your own tasting experience, by selecting your favourite tonic and pairing it with each of the gin offerings. It’s a fantastic way to try all five and decide on your preferred flavour!


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