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Toffee Vodka Liqueur: No tricks, just treats

Love it or hate it, Halloween will soon be upon us. This autumnal calendar event seems to be getting

bigger each year. However, it’s not just about the little ones having all the fun and eating too much

sweet stuff, it’s a time for adults to get dressed up and party as well.

So what could be more grown up whilst bringing a little childhood nostalgia than our Old Fashioned

Toffee Vodka Liqueur? It’s perfect for any time of year but will definitely be a hit at a Halloween get together.

Toffee Vodka Liqueur with pumpkin

What Sets It Apart?

There are some Toffee Vodkas out there that start with a mass manufactured spirit. To disguise the ‘burn’, extra sugar is added. Then in go some dairy toffees and you get Toffee Vodka of a sort. The extra sugar and synthetic dairy toffees leave a sickly, cloying feeling. We know exactly where our spirit

comes from because we make it ourselves from sugar beet. Extreme care and attention is taken

during the distilling process to ensure a super smooth spirit base is created. Unlike dairy toffees or

toffee syrup we create a toffee that consists of five different caramelised sugars. This was the old

fashioned way to make toffee hence the name of this best selling liqueur from the English Spirit


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

It really is our best selling liqueur and second best seller only to our Dr J’s Gin. People who have

bought it before come to events specifically to stock up and it gets regular compliments on our

When we’re making 13 other spirits and liqueurs from scratch plus distilling for numerous contract

clients it’s hard to keep up with the demand, but even with our small copper pot stills we manage.

How To Serve

  • Our Old Fashioned Toffee Vodka is so smooth it can be simply sipped by itself. Adding ice gives it a refreshing coolness.

  • It also works well as a long drink when mixed one to one with lemonade or cream soda.

  • It adds a touch of grown up luxury to hot chocolates.

  • Either serve in a shot glass next to your after dinner coffees or it works just as well when mixed in to the coffee.

Plus there’s so many foodie things you can do with it; drizzle over ice cream, brownies or

add a dash to your toffee sauce for a memorable banoffee pie or sticky toffee pudding.

And if you’re getting in the party mood for a Halloween party or otherwise, try a Toffee Vodka

Espresso Martini: make some espresso ice cubes and place two in a Martini glass, before pouring over a generous measure of Old Fashioned Toffee Vodka Liqueur.

You can purchase from our online shop, make a purchase when you see us out and about at events, or let us know where you are and we’ll direct you to your nearest supplier.


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