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St Piran's Rum: White Rum with Cornish Soul

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

English Spirit is excited to announce our first new spirit of 2018: St Piran's Rum!

In honour of our new base at historic Treguddick Manor in Cornwall, we wanted our collection to celebrate one of the oldest (and loveliest) counties in England; and what better way to reflect this than with a tribute to St Piran, Cornwall's original patron saint.

Legend has it that St Piran arrived on the shores of Cornwall in the 5th century; and set up his chapel near the spot where he landed, in the sand dunes near Perranporth (which bears his name). One of his greatest contributions to Cornwall's good fortune was with the rediscovery of tin mining: the story goes that the black hearthstone above his fireplace, when heated, caused a seam of white tin to rise to the surface in the form of a cross. This discovery went on to bring fortune and riches to the kingdom of Cornwall, and even formed the basis for the Cornish flag of St Piran: a white cross on a black background.

It was also well known that St Piran liked a drink, which gave rise to the Cornish phrase that has survived through many generations until today: "as drunk as a Perraner". Which brings us back to the rum...

St Piran's Rum is the first and only white rum to be produced from scratch in England; nothing is made overseas. We start with 100% molasses, which we ferment and then triple distilled in one of our small copper pot stills. Distilling molasses in copper naturally creates unmistakeable notes of gorgeous caramel and light raisins. We add in our own Cornish spring water drawn from our spring at Treguddick (where a residence has stood for over a thousand years), before maturing the rum in oak barrels at the manor. Making the rum in this way results in a superbly smooth Cornish rum that's packed with flavour and great for sipping by itself, with some lime and sugar, or in your favourite cocktail.

Reset your view of white rum with a liquid tribute to St Piran's "white gold". Raise a glass of your own white gold in his memory...long may his spirit endure!


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