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Serving up summer fruit liqueurs

As Wimbledon hits fever pitch, and we gear up to support Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics, what better way to sit back and enjoy a summer of sport, with a serve of something fruity?

We have a mouth watering range of gin and vodka liqueurs, jam-packed with fruity flavours; from our multi-award-winning Limongino to our seasonal Strawberry Vodka Liqueur, be sure to sip on something delicious this summer.

Strawberry Vodka Liqueur

What’s more English than strawberries and cream, whilst watching a game of tennis? The nostalgia of summertime has been bottled up in this glorious Strawberry Liqueur, made entirely with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

It’s incredibly difficult to extract the natural flavours from a strawberry, which is why most strawberry products have artificial flavourings. Never one to back down from a challenge, Dr John developed a unique process to distill fresh Kentish strawberries (the very same served at Wimbledon) into a vodka liqueur. This drop is crammed full of gloriously fruity notes and a perfectly velvety finish, ideal for sipping over ice. Click here to shop.


Our Limongino is a seasoned favourite, with a Gin Masters Gold Award to match. Each bottle is made from our glorious Dr J’s Gin, two and a half of the juiciest lemons and just a lick of English sugar, helping to balance the refreshing flavour palate.

When you can’t be in the Mediterranean, pour yourself a generous serve of this with a plate of tapas and you’ll feel like you're on the Amalfi Coast in no time. However, unlike its Italian counterpart, Enjoy this zesty tipple chilled, or served long with a tonic of your choice. Limongino is filled with refreshing zingy notes, not a sickly lemon-curd taste, and can be purchased here.

Raspberry Gin Liqueur

The enchanting colour of our Raspberry Gin Liqueur is matched with glorious fruity flavours and rich berry notes. Sourcing fresh Kentish raspberries, our distillery team use our unique three-step process of infusing, distilling and sous vide (slow cooking) to showcase the fruit in all its glory.

With fresh, delicate raspberry notes on the nose and hints of violet, serve this drop chilled or perfectly partnered with a summer dessert. For a refreshing drink, mix a generous serve with ice-cold lemonade and a sprig of mint. Click here to pick up a bottle.

Choc Clementine Vodka Liqueur

Strictly speaking this isn’t purely a fruity liqueur, but who doesn’t mind a bit of indulgence? First produced as a limited edition tipple for Easter, our distillery team bottled up a second batch due to popular demand, with a handful of bottles still available to purchase via our online shop.

Combining the luxurious velvety flavours of milk chocolate with zesty notes of clementine, this tipple has the alluring taste of a Terry’s chocolate orange. With our East Anglian sugar beet vodka as the base spirit, it’s one smooth sip, and makes for one glorious drink. Serve chilled over ice, or mix with cream soda for an extra special drink.


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