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Product spotlight: Cucumber Spirit

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Summer is upon us: whether braving the heatwave or the monsoon, there’s no escaping it. So in preparation for this much loved season, Dr John has been working on a fresh batch of the perfect summertime tipple: Cucumber Spirit.

We’re very proud of our Cucumber Spirit. An entirely new category of spirit invented by Dr John - something of a cross between a vodka and a gin, but firmly in a league of it’s own. The East Anglian sugar beet we distil to make our base spirit provides the signature smoothness and mouthfeel, while fresh finely sliced cucumber is added to the stills and distilled with our spirit to extract truly extraordinary flavour. Fragrant, crisp cucumber on the nose and the palate; with a hint of white pepper, and a lingering honeydew melon finish. No wonder it picked up a Gold Award at the International Wine and Spirit Awards in 2017: as usual, you won't find a product like this anywhere else.

So how to serve? Here are some simple suggestions that are quick to prepare so you can maximise your time in the fine weather.

  • As your guests arrive, dazzle them with an extra special welcome drink. Pimms, lemonade and Cucumber Spirit mixed equally and then add ice, cucumber and fruit garnish.

  • As the barbecue is served, reach for a glass and mix one to one with your favourite tonic and ice.

  • For after dinner cocktails, a Cucumber Fizz. A double measure of Cucumber Spirit, 25ml of lemon juice, two teaspoons of sugar syrup and ice. Shake together and then add sparkling water to taste and a slither of cucumber.

  • And for the morning after the night before: it makes a great base for a Bloody Mary cocktail, in place of the usual vodka.

Raise a glass and here’s to a good few weeks of shower free sunshine.


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