• Sarah Curtis

Product Spotlight: Apple Brandy

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

It’s Harvest Time. What better product to throw the spotlight on than our Apple Brandy?

Have you heard of Calvados? It hails from Normandy, a very close neighbour to England, so chances are you will have come across it. On first discovering our Apple Brandy customers will regularly ask the question “So is it like Calvados then?” We say “mmm well have a taste”. The customer gets the smoothest warm apple pie flavours as they sip and the next thing we know they have paid up and it’s in their bag!

So why is this exceptional brand of brandy so special?

We use five varieties of freshly harvested English Apples. Mother Nature provides the start of the magic and then the real work begins.

1200 kilos of apples go into every 45 litres of our Apple Brandy. We use twice as many as Somerset Cider Brandy.

We’ve decided to take out pears (traditionally used in Calvados) as they make it nigh impossible to cut super smooth spirit.

Unlike other apple brandies that are distilled once and left in a barrel to pick up some wood flavours, we distil five times to seize as much apple as there is. Each time we distil we remove the heads (the burny part of a spirit). Other distillers have already barrelled up and just hope that the heads evaporate over time. We don’t see hope as an option when you’re creating the best spirits.

After four more distillations than other apple brandy producers we do finally ‘barrel up’. The brandy can now rest for at least 6 months. It is in the English Oak barrels we use that this already super smooth brandy takes in just a few hints of light tobacco and vanilla. More magic after the hard work is done.

The result, is that warm apple pie we mentioned earlier with a crisp caramelised apple juice on the palate. I can’t actually write the words apple pie without wanting a taste. Good job I’m not surrounded by Apple Brandy!

What happens next is up to you...

An apple brandy is far more versatile than one might think. Don’t wait for Christmas or other occasions, add it to your drinks menu today. Here’s some suggestions;

  • It makes a superb aperitif when served one to one with apple juice.

  • It’s a fabulous accompaniment to a cheese course or lunchtime ploughmans.

  • Simply after dinner with ice.

  • Talking of dinner, our master distiller Dr John Walters always cooks with his spirits and liqueurs and not just with a glass on the side whilst he’s cooking! Our Apple Brandy when used in an apple sauce transforms roast chicken or pork belly into a luxurious feast.

You can order our Apple Brandy online via our Shop page.

If you’d like Dr John’s sauce recipe, email sarah.curtis@englishspiritdistillery.com and we’ll send you the secret.

We have had some lovely September sunshine this year but the apple trees are now bare and soon the leaves will turn. However, the start of Spring will soon be marked by the magical sight of the apple blossom. Take a moment to remember that this is also the start of our ‘magical’ Apple Brandy journey.

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