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New Shop Arrival: Chocolate Chilli Vodka Liqueur

This year we've had many emails, Facebook messages, and even hand delivered messages to us, all with a common theme: when will the ever popular Chocolate Chilli Vodka Liqueur be made available for online sale? Well to those people, and all others, it's time to rejoice - you can now order this directly from our online shop.

What's more, this comes in our lovely new label, which makes it even more gorgeous - perfect for a gift, or for treating yourself.

Our own scratch-distilled vodka is made with East Anglian sugar beet, which provides a nice flavour undertone of cream soda, as well as a velvety smoothness. Waves of rich, silky chocolate on the palate are followed by just a touch of chilli warmth as this slips down your throat.

Serve chilled and sip by itself; add some to cream soda, coffee or hot chocolate; or drizzle over a brownie or a fruit salad. Quite a few customers have advised us that they like to mix it with our English Toffee Vodka - which we can confirm is delicious - however you choose to serve it, we know you'll enjoy it!


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