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New Product: Caramel Rum Liqueur

We’ve released 100 bottles in the first batch of our latest product, Caramel Rum Liqueur: a 100% British made rum liqueur, distilled to perfection and utterly gorgeous.

From becoming the UK’s original rum distillers in 2012 with the first release of Old Salt Rum, to the more recent co-production of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum, our Master Distiller Dr John Walters has aimed to drive English rum forwards, and prove that good rum doesn’t need to be made in the Caribbean. Our Caramel Rum Liqueur was created as another expression of fine English rum: this time, blended with rich caramels that show off the quality of the spirit itself.

Rum purists may say that good rum shouldn’t be sweetened into a liqueur. But we are, first and foremost, all about creating quality spirits that taste fantastic (don’t forget the Taste First guarantee that seals all of our bottles) that bring joy to all that drink them. Caramel Rum Liqueur joins our main collection alongside Old Salt Rum, English Spiced Rum, and St Piran’s Cornish Rum...and let’s not forget the festive blockbuster that is our Christmas Spirit Spiced Rum Liqueur.

If you’ve tried Christmas Spirit and thought that was good...then you need to try this. If you’ve tried and enjoyed any of our rums before, then you really need to try this. And if you’re a fan of our English Toffee Vodka Liqueur...then you really need to try this!

As with all the rums in the English Spirit collection, we’ve used pure sugar cane molasses as a base for our spirit; no sugar cane juice or syrup here; to give our rum its signature richness and complexity. We ferment the molasses for at least two weeks at our distillery at Great Yeldham Hall, and then we distil the wash twice, in small batches, in our copper alembic stills. The rum is co-distilled with oak, and blended with natural caramels and sugars, before we bottle it at liqueur strength of 25% ABV.

The molasses base gives deep notes of raisin and cracked caramel, with an extra flavour dimension from the oak, enveloped in layers of rich caramel. The result is a silky smooth liqueur with rich notes of sticky toffee pudding and a hint of Christmas cake. We think Caramel Rum Liqueur is best enjoyed neat; either chilled or over ice. It can also be served with a mixer like cream soda; or slipped into your coffee. Try it in a glass with your dessert; or pour liberally all over your dessert. You won’t regret it.

The label design, created in house by Rosie Barlow, was inspired by the caramel ‘purple ones’ found in Quality Street chocolates. As with all of our products, the label features the batch number and product details on the front of the bottle. As usual, the elegant and simple design is to highlight, not distract from, the quality of the bottle’s contents.

Dr John says: “We’ve set out to show that innovative, high quality British rum can be enjoyed in a variety of expressions, including as a liqueur. Rum connoisseurs can appreciate the complexity of the quality rum base, while newcomers to rum can enjoy a truly lovely spirit.”

In the first batch, 100 bottles have been made available. Like our other liqueurs, these are available in 50cl bottles at £22 each, and are available to buy online now through our online shop.


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