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Limited Edition release: Chocolate Rose liqueur

With Mother's Day fast approaching, Dr John has decided to create a luxury liqueur that combines two classic flavours of rich cocoa and fragrant rose; resulting in very special tipple that makes a perfect gift for everyone's special lady.

This liqueur (as is the case for all of our liqueurs) has been crafted to a superior standard not found elsewhere. The vodka base for the liqueur is single distilled from East Anglian sugar beet, and unfiltered – a real rarity within the UK. This means the vodka retains flavor notes of cream soda

from the sugar beet and yet is exceptionally smooth: a testament to Dr John's distilling expertise. The addition of cocoa and rose leaves you with a drink that is delicious sipped neat, topped up with cream soda (or even fizzy orange) and a slice of lime, or drizzled over ice cream. Mmmm...

The limited edition label also features an original illustration by our very own Cornish

illustrator and Spirit Ambassador, Rosie Barlow. It's now available to purchase via our online shop, and all orders taken before 12pm on Friday 29 March will be delivered in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday 31 March 2019.


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