• James Lawrence

Introducing: FIBO, a low alcohol spirit

Even the most seasoned spirit connoisseur has to admit that sometime they’d like a less alcoholic alternative. Whether you’re driving, on a diet or just doing Dry January, it’s good to have another choice.

The tricky thing about low alcohol and non alcoholic spirits is that alcohol is the part that holds all the flavour. We’re not talking orange squash here: low alcohol usually means no flavour, which is not much good to anyone. And so, it’s common to hear that low alcohol spirits usually don’t taste of very much.

Fortunately, we have a master distiller with ten years of distilling experience and many more years of biochemical expertise under his belt. Dr John has mustered all of his knowledge and produced a delicious paradox: FIBO. A vivacious low alcohol spirit, designed for those occasions when you want the experience and pleasure of a G&T, but choose to leave the gin out of it.

FIBO low alcohol spirit

FIBO is named after Fibonacci, the 13th century Italian mathematician who 'discovered' the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. Also known as the Golden Ratio, this mathematical sequence has been lauded since ancient times as a perfect representation of mathematics within nature. Today, Dr John sees it as the essence of the scientific order that brings together all the delights of the natural world: inspiration that John uses for his approach to distilling products of all kinds. This inspiration can be seen on the label: a shell, which is a 3D natural representation of the Fibonacci sequence, with the geometric grid overlaid onto it.

Our ingredient palette has been inspired by a bright and flavoursome London Dry Gin. Dr John’s hand picked selection of botanicals; juniper, coriander, clementine, grapefruit, grape skins, cocoa nibs and star anise; are combined in a ratio that elegantly balances their flavours. Then, the botanicals are distilled together in one of our signature 200 litre copper pot stills. The small still size gives our distiller the ability to control the precise cut of what comes out of the still - usually important for separating good alcohol from bad, but in this instance, important for ensuring we achieve the bright flavour profile we’re looking for. So, in short, we have been careful to balance the flavours perfectly before they go in the still, and after they come out.

Dr John says: “Our challenge was to distil a product that captures the gorgeous gamut of flavours that spirits are naturally adept at hanging on to and then - somehow - place them in a low alcohol setting. Option one was to change the laws of physics and option two make it appear as if we bent them. Follow us down the rabbit hole as we explore the emerging world of spirits with very little alcohol.”

At 1.2% ABV, there is only 6ml of alcohol in every 500ml bottle. We’ve used all of our cunning to squeeze our spectrum of chosen flavours into the finished product, so you can enjoy as many refreshing beverages as you want without worrying about an excessive alcohol intake.

FIBO is best served with your favourite tonic at the Golden Ratio: 1 part FIBO to 1.612 parts tonic. Fortunately, you don’t have to be as precise as us: experiment with your own ratio to see what you prefer. Dr John’s favourite serve is a twist on a FIBO & Tonic: 1 part FIBO, 1 part grapefruit syrup, 1 part tonic, served over ice with a torn bay leaf.

FIBO low alcohol spirit & tonic

FIBO (1.2% ABV, 50cl) is available to buy now via our online shop, and will be served in the restaurant at the English Spirit Distillery at Treguddick Manor, opening in May 2021.