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Dr John's Easter menu with English Spirit pairing

This Easter, Dr John has come up with a mouth-watering Easter menu that has been uniquely paired with a range of spirits to bring out the very best of every dish. Forget the Pinot or the Cabernet Sauvignon and treat yourself and guests instead with our Limongino and Tonic, a chilled glass of English Sambuca that will reestablish the drink’s place on your shelf, and the smoothest English Toffee Vodka liqueur you can imagine, that will elevate even the simplest of puddings!

Read on below to see Dr John's Easter menu with English Spirit pairing.

English Spirit’s Easter Menu 2019

by Master Distiller Dr. John Walters


Pea, Leek and Gruyere Soup served with Bruschetta, with a glass of Limongino and Tonic.

Dr John says: “Our Limongino mixed with a slimline tonic offers a refreshing sip to accompany the first course, the lemon zing of the Limongino perfectly complementing the fresh, spring flavours of the soup.”


De-boned leg of lamb stuffed with cumin, smoked paprika, garlic and tarragon and glazed with

honey and cinnamon.  Served with a gratin made from crushed olive bread, rinsed capers, antipasto artichoke, chives and Comte cheese, together with fresh English asparagus and boiled new potatoes. All with a chilled glass of English Sambuca.

Dr John says: “English Sambuca and lamb pair really well together, especially when the lamb is stuffed and glazed with plenty of spices. As with all of our core English Spirit products, every element of our Sambuca is created from scratch, resulting in lush, mouthwatering layers of aniseed which really brings out the lamb’s succulent flavour.”


Fresh, homemade vanilla ice cream made from half a pint of double cream, the inside of a vanilla

pod, caramelised lardons, 3 egg yolks and caster sugar in an ice cream maker.  Drizzled with English Toffee Vodka liqueur and a garnish of fresh mint.

Dr John says: “Our English Toffee Vodka liqueur always pairs nicely with any dessert, but well made ice cream, with big natural vanilla flavours, complement the cream soda undertone of our vodka, which is made from East Anglian sugar beet.”

Bonus: Chocolate

Of course, Easter wouldn’t be complete without a sizeable helping of chocolate, which we heartily suggest serving alongside a chilled glass of Chocolate Chilli Vodka Liqueur to simply further the chocolate indulgence!

We're looking forward to tucking into this at the weekend: may the Spirit be with you!


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