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Darwin: a rum for intrepid explorers and amazing fathers

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ve conjured up an adventurous new rum, ideal for the man in your life. Darwin: Citrus Spiced English Rum.

Named after the founding father of natural selection, we have taken a traditional spiced rum on an evolutionary journey. As the UK’s original rum distillers, we’ve applied more than nine years of experience to create an English rum double-distilled with oak, jam-packed with the freshest citrus zests, warm honey & vanilla notes, and a unique blend of spices. Quite distinct from your average spiced rum.

Darwin Citrus Spiced English Rum

In honour of Darwin, a man that not only fathered the theory of evolution but also 10 children, we’ve created a spiced rum that’s good enough for sipping neat. The process of distilling this pioneering rum is as extraordinary as the combination of ingredients; the base spirit is our signature, 100% pure sugar cane molasses rum, filled with richness and depth. From here, half the liquid is then distilled with the juiciest clementines, whilst the other half is made with our world-first technique of distilling with English oak, curating a perfectly balanced rum.

After double-distilling, the rum is blended with the zestiest of limes, sumptuous cherries, rich acacia honey, split vanilla pods, fragrant hibiscus, star anise, and the complex flavours of cardamom. An infusion so delectable, it not only flavours the rum gorgeously but gives it a rich, golden tone.

Citrus Spiced Rum

Darwin rum has been created to sip neat; best served over ice. Or serve long and mix with a gorgeous ginger ale, garnished with mint and chives for a herbaceous twist on a Dark ‘n Stormy. For a delightfully indulgent drink, partner with lashings of cream soda over ice.

The distillery has only filled 100 bottles of Darwin Citrus Spiced English Rum, so it’s very much a limited edition! Each bottle is 35cl in size and is 42% ABV, exclusively available via our website.


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