There are many epicurean adventures you can take to discover English Spirit.

As the UK’s original small batch distillers, it’s never been easier to pay us a visit at our distillery, find us at an event or location near you, or even receive a remarkable delivery straight to your doorstep. Why not learn more about what we’re doing, and join us on our pioneering journey to discover the evolution of premium spirits?


“Added bonus of talking to Dr John, who is so passionate about his products that even the technical stuff is interesting."

 - TripAdvisor review


“Just try our spirits next to anything else you know."

 - Dr John Walters


“We're taking the mysticism out of distilling: our techniques go way beyond separating the heads and tails from the heart. This is distilling given the attention it duly deserves."

 - Dr John Walters


“If you spend a year chopping in a Michelin Star kitchen, you'll be a bloody good knife chopper."

 - Dr John Walters