"Spicing rum traditionally involved sweetening poor quality rum to mask the taste: ours is a refreshing alternative. Our scratch distilled Old Salt Rum is infused with cherries, hibiscus, citrus and ginger: the result is a delicious English rum that’s great for sipping, or as a base for cocktails.


Our favourite cocktail is Alcoholic Assam: a double of English Spiced Rum, a double of tonic, two slices of ginger and a few torn mint leaves."

A nod to England and the Caribbean.



Our English Spiced Rum was the first spiced rum to be distilled in the UK. We use our tremendous Old Salt Rum as a base - giving us not only a smooth sip but also complete control over the flavour profile. 

The flavours used as the ‘spices’ are also unusual: we’ve opted for a fruity and floral route rather than the common spicing route of cloves, allspice, pepper and the like.


From Dr John’s book:


“Spicing rum has been around in various guises for many a century. It is easy to see how it came about - distilling went wrong or was never done right. How do you make it drinkable? Sweeten it and mask the base flavours with strong overtones. So I wondered: what would one be like if it had a great base to it?”


And the rest is delicious spiced rum history.

“If you are not a rum fan I would, naturally, encourage you to try ours. A lot of rums - like with so many genres of spirit are compounded - whereas ours are distilled and there is no comparison. If ever in doubt, do my acid test - side by side comparison. It is always gobsmackingly enlightening.”

- Dr John Walters,

'The Drinker's Guide to Distilling, Part 1'


Old Salt Rum; cherries (a nod to England); hibiscus flower (a nod to the caribbean); citrus zests; ginger; and a few other bits referred to by Dr John as ‘pixie dust’. The hibiscus also provides a lovely pink/red hue to the spirit which further makes it stand in a class of its own.


We macerate our Old Salt Rum with our chosen spices overnight - et voila.


Big, juicy cherries; the hisbicus acts as a floral foil. The citrus and ginger combine well to provide some refreshing lift to the rich raisin and caramel notes of the base rum.

No fire and no burn: just a genuine and gorgeous spiced rum to make England proud.


Lovely sipped neat, over ice. Try 1:1 with ginger beer and a lime wedge to make a longer drink.


The fruity ingredients means this goes really well with tonic; yes really, we mean it! It's lovely with plain tonic, but also well worth serving with Fever Tree Clementine Tonic at your desired ratio, with a slice of orange to garnish. A match made in refreshment heaven between cherries and oranges.


One of Dr J’s favourite serves is Alcoholic Assam; so named because of the remarkable likeness to a really lovely Long Island Iced Tea!

50ml English Spiced Rum

50ml tonic water

Half a hand of fresh mint leaves

Two slices of ginger, halved

Muddle the rum, mint and ginger together. Add ice and tonic, and enjoy.

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