"We consider ourselves to be the UK's only super-premium contract distilling service."

- Dr John Walters

Purchase of bulk denatured alcohol (TSDA)

In reaction to high demand and short supply of hand sanitiser due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) we are ramping up production of bulk denatured alcohol to be supplied under contract.

We cater from order sizes ranging from 25L batches of 70% ABV rubbing alcohol, to batches of 96.4% ABV alcohol in multiples of 1000L IBCs.

We are currently working to achieve a maximum of 5 working day turnaround.

For prices and more information, please contact Jill via

Since 2012, we’ve used our distilling experience to produce world class spirits for a variety of British brands. We work with clients of all sizes: from startups and boutiques, right the way through to well loved household names. Leading fruit and vegetable growers, preserve makers, breweries, vineyards, cideries, tea blenders, and even explorers. The best in their respective fields, we are proud to work closely with them in our mission to be the best in ours. Think of our style as that of Japanese craftsmanship with English flair; or, as we have been told, the 'Rolls Royce' of distilling. In short: if you’re looking for the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Our 5cl miniature filling machine in action

5cl miniature filling machine in action at Great Yeldham Hall

We distil vodkas, gins, rums, brandies, single malts, liqueurs, and more: including brand new spirits, jointly invented between ourselves and our clients. We can distil nearly any spirit from a wide variety of base ingredients. We can produce low alcohol spirits, and have the capacity to produce RTD (ready to drink) products.

Every one of our spirits is distilled in no larger than 200 litre copper pots stills, customised by us to suit our requirements. Our minimum order quantity is 500 litres. However, with 20 stills, state of the art equipment and an experienced production team, we are able to cater to batch sizes of all scales; including of 50,000 litres at a time; offering scalability to suit all needs.

For dark spirits, our unusual approach is to create premium products that are smooth enough to drink without requiring ageing. That said, we offer a barrel ageing service in a variety of woods, to add extra dimensions to your finished product.

The timing has never been better to produce a spirit. In the last 10 years, the popularity of craft gin has opened more people up to drinking spirits of all kinds: along with the realisation that truly quality spirits are capable of delivering flavour experiences of all kinds. Greater focus on ingredients and provenance has led consumers to develop more discerning tastes, and spending greater sums on premium products. To succeed commercially, you need to gain customers by standing out in a crowded market place, and retain them with genuine product quality. That’s where we come in, with a bespoke service not found anywhere else.

Why produce a spirit with us?

Unrivalled distilling expertise

Having spent the last ten years distilling the UK’s widest variety of spirits, our team arguably has more distilling expertise than anyone else in the UK. In that time, John has invented new spirits and distilling techniques, and honed his craft: when your goal is to be the best, ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. This expertise applies to commercial knowledge too. Having produced spirits for a wide variety of brands, there’s not a corner of the market we haven’t explored. We can use this knowledge to advise you on the best strategy for success.

Superior quality

We are confident that the quality of our spirits is the best on the market. Going beyond conventional distilling techniques, and true to John’s biochemist background, every detail of production is considered, tweaked and maximised. We distil our own alcohol; we distil in small 200L batches for maximum control over the spirit; we’ve even designed and customised our own distilling equipment. And if you’re still not sure, then you can’t go wrong with John’s advice: “Just try our spirits next to anything you know.”

Completely bespoke products

Every spirit we produce is unique, with recipes tailored in close consultation with our clients. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ products, and we won’t steer you into a ‘stock recipe’. For us, the joy of our craft lies in developing new products that are truly individual in not only recipe but also quality. We can work with nearly any combination of ingredients to achieve your desired flavour profile. We go beyond simple distilling, infusing in neutral grain spirit, or traditional barrel ageing: you will have access to our full toolbox of techniques.

Impeccable service standards

Our distillery is uniquely placed to offer the experience of a large operation, with the attention to detail and maneuverability of a small operation. This gives ‘the best of both worlds’ and the option to deliver your project to the best standard possible. Where required, our team can turn a project around within weeks, and we can work with a huge variety of pack sizes. Our equipment ranges from the traditional to state of the art. We are ISO9001 certified, which demonstrates our commitment to quality standards at every touchpoint. 

We are able to offer an 'end to end' service: from initial consultation and product development to shipping finished product: with all aspects in between. All aspects of the service may be tailored to suit requirements: including filling, labelling and packing. We will work with you to deliver a service that is high in quality and efficiency.

As part of our consultation service, we can provide guidance on:

  • Recipe & product development; whether developing from scratch or incorporating specific ingredients of the client's choosing

  • Commercial information; including wholesale and retail margins

  • A thorough and unique understanding of the market, including insight into past, present and future trends

  • Full understanding of laws, regulations and taxes regarding spirits and liqueurs

Some of our awards


We are always open to enquiries and happy to answer any questions.

If you'd like to make an enquiry, please use the form below, or contact Jill Lawrence via or 01787 237896. 

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